Sometimes, It’s Not About the Gift!

I know I it’s weird to hear that from someone in the gifting industry, but I pride myself in believing that my company is not just about gifts- but about the emotions and feelings behind it.

Anyone can go out and purchase something for someone, but it takes a little more forethought to give something that will truly evoke a feeling.  You can make the holiday season even more special for the important people around you by doing something a little extra beyond the gift- without over extending your pocket book.   Here are some quick ideas for you!

For the Co-Worker:

Is there someone you work with who always helps you out?  It could be a manager, secretary…anyone really.  Someone who is always there to kind of get you out of a jam or desperate situation?  If so, try going out and buying their favorite cup of coffee, tape a small note to it just saying “Thanks for Everything”. Better yet take a load off of their work load!  Do something for them that is usually their most hated menial task, and handle it for them.  Send them an email saying, “Hey, thanks for always helping me, I took care of xyz for you!”. Your co-workers will be extremely thankful, and you’ll be able to watch how their face lights up with appreciation!

This book helps you to find out how you can learn some one’s “Love Language” or how they feel appreciated. It has with me with my marriage and my child!

For the Wife or Girlfriend:

Now you really need to know your wife/girlfriends love language to be effective here.  If she’s into getting gifts, then go out and get something!  Have her favorite flower delivered to her job, or waiting for her when she gets home.  You can do a bunch of her chores or just do something simple like empty the dish washer.  Even writing a love letter is a really nice gesture.  Do something small, but would mean the world to her.

For the Husband or Boyfriend

The same concept applies here, you have to know how he feels appreciated.  If he’s into gifts, go out and by something from his favorite sports team!  You could also do something for him: iron his shirts (if you don’t normally that is) or take his car to get an oil change. Do something for him that he could do for himself, but by you doing it, you save him the time and effort.

For Your Kids

Your kids are probably the easiest to please because you know them so well.  You could take them out for ice cream or their favorite restaurant.  You could also take them to the movies, park, shopping… you name it!  Or you can stay home and have  family game or movie night.  At any rate, make it an occasion where you give your kids your undivided attention.  Believe it or not, they’ll love it- not to mention you’ll create some of their best memories as well!

We don’t always have to go into debt purchasing expensive gifts to let someone know how much we care.  I can clearly recall one Christmas when things were tight, so I decided to get really “sentimental” with my gifts.  My Dad is a physician and could always get what he wanted for himself.  “Price” was and never will be a factor  in the gifts I get for him.  But this year was particularly bad, and I had to get crafty.  So I took a picture of his 3 grand kids and put it on a mug.  It cost me about $19 total, and I was kind of feeling guilty when I boxed it up and mailed it to him.

You would have thought I spent $1 million dollars on that gift the way my dad ranted about it!  He wouldn’t stop talking about it and still does to this day.  It was obvious- the gift itself didn’t’ matter, it was all about the way the gift made him feel.

The holidays are so much more than the commercial gift finding frenzy we turn it into sometimes. We don’t need to worry about finding the “perfect gift”.  When we focus on how we want to make the person feel, we may find that it doesn’t cost that much money at all!  Just a little more of our time and thought process.

So what about you?  Do you have something special planned for someone close to you for the holidays?  Share and tell your stories below… you can provide some great ideas for others looking for new things to do this year!

Happy Holidays!


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