The Boo-Hoo Break-Up/Divorce Gift

brokenheartedSo your best girlfriend just called and it’s over. The love of her life is gone and she’s in pieces. As you hang up the phone, you realize that you feel almost as heartbroken as she does. Wishing there was something you could do to take away her pain and make her feel whole again, your mind starts racing for something to make her feel better.

Although there is nothing that will really heal your friends heart other than time, the right gift can make that healing process a little easier to bare. Here are a few suggestions for a good Boo-Hoo Break-up or Divorce Gift for your friend.


1. Candlesrootcandlesseekingbalanceset

Give your friend some aroma therapy with this Root Candle Set. It contains three fragrances: Detoxify, Relax, and Energize.  It’s sure to help your friend get out of the dumps, and into a good mood!



2. Spa Basket

Perhaps you can have your friend take the aroma therapy to the Bath!  This Minty Ocean Breeze Spa Basket is sure to set your friends achy art at ease.  She can relax for hours using the bubble bath, body wash, body scrub and more, all with the soothing smell of verbena mint to calm her nerves.


3. Spa Jet

The bath can get even more relaxing with this Conair Dual Bath and Spa Jet.  Your friend can turn her boring bath to a day at the spa.  She can soak away her sadness while her sore muscles are getting massaged.  This easy jet simply hangs over the side of the tub for convenience.


4. More Massage Gifts
Comfort Products® Massage Seat Cushion

If the bath isn’t enough.  Then perhaps using this Comfort-Products 6 Motor Massage seat with cushion would help. This cushion has six invigorating massage motors for the upper, lower and middle back and thighs. 



5. Jewelryguesspaveheartandnecklace

Nothing can melt a girls heart like jewelry. So give your friend her heart back with this adorable Guess Pave Heart Necklace and Ring set.  It’s sure to mend her broken one… just a little at least.



Going through tough times is just what friends have to do from time to time.  Sometimes the right gift at the right time will mean the world to the right person.


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