The Cheerful Hostess and Friendly Get Together Gift


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It’s summertime, and it seems everyone has a reason to entertain their friends for one reason or another.  So far this summer I’ve attended a first new home party  and A LOT of barbecues!

I know you shouldn’t feel obligated to have something in your hand every time you show up on someone’s doorstep… especially if you were invited.  But there’s just something inside of me, I think it’s just my southern hospitality, that says it’s rude to show up to someone’s house empty handed.  I know I shouldn’t feel that way but I do.  So I’m giving you a few ideas to use for yourself if you ever feel obligated to give your host or friend a nice gift for their little get together.


Summer Fun Bucket $50


For a Pool Party…

This bucket is absolutely adorable and your host/hostess will certainly appreciate the gift.  Everything in the bucket is something that they can use right away if they choose, or save it for their next pool party!  The basket comes complete with Sun Block, After Sun Aloe Gel, Pina Colada Cookies, Key Lime Cookies, Trail Mix, Hibiscus tote Bag, Decorative Door Hang, and a Lush Hibiscus Beach Towel.



Lord of the Grill Gift Basket $30


For the Barbecue…

I know that they’re already barbecuing, but your recipient will truly appreciate this cute basket- especially if they love to barbecue. I’m sure we all have “that friend” who loves to cook on the grill and invites you to come over for some grilled food every other day! This basket has some cool stuff in that they can use the next time they throw a little soiree.  They may not rip it open and use it right away, but the next time they have a barbecue, the gift you gave them will certainly come in handy…and they will think of you when they use it!



Betty Crocker Cookware Set $19.99



For a New Home Owner…

Giving a house warming gift is sort of a tradition.  This gift basket is the perfect gift for the new home owners!  It comes with all the baking utensils they’ll ever need… and it even includes the cookies!





The truth is whatever you bring your host or hostess they will appreciate the thought and you’ll be remembered as the thoughtful friend who added something special to their occasion.


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