7 Holiday Gift Tips for Businesses

So this year you’ve decided that you really want to make an impression with your holiday gifts! That’s great!  Giving holiday gifts to clients or employees will always show them how much you value and appreciate them.  Here are a couple of suggestions to assist you in choosing gifts that generate a lasting impression of your company!

1. Try to personalize your gifts.
When gifts are personalized, it tells the recipient, “You are important to me”.  Even if it is something as simple as writing their name to a gift tag or envelope, it shows the gift recipient that you care.

2.  Try to be fair in your gift giving.
When you are giving gifts to employees, it is imperative that your gifts are equal across the board. Giving different gifts to different employees can stir up a ton of negative feelings.  Try to give the same thing to everyone, particularly if they are in the same department or job category.

3.  Try to stay way from company promotional merchandise.
If you’re really trying to make an impression with your gifts this year, definitely stay away from the promotional items.  Sometimes promotional items portray the message “Oh, we just pulled some stuff out of the company closet to give to you this year” instead of ” We really appreciate you and want you to know it.”  Try to give something different from the norm this year.

4.  Be as generous as your budget allows.
These two quotes speak mountains about the value of customers , clients and employees to any business…

“There is only one boss: the customer, and he (or she) can fire everyone in the company from the chairman and down, simply by spending their money somewhere else”   – Sam Walton

“Take care of your customers and employees first, and profits will follow.” – Jack C. Taylor

Your customers, clients, and employees are the backbone of your business.  Don’t skimp when you don’t have to!  There are some great gift solutions available to you, even when you’re working with a tight budget.  And with a little creativity, you can find a gift option that both maintains quality standards, and stays within your budget.  Bottom line, give the people who keep your business going the best that you can afford to give.

5.  Try to present the gift in person.
To really blow the socks of your gift recipients, give them their gift in person!  Accompany your gift giving with a smile and sincere “Happy Holidays!”  Sometimes, the in person delivery can mean more than the actual gift itself. If you’ve never done this before, try it this year. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the responses you receive!

6.  Try not to make your gifts too gender specific.
Don’t assume that the women would appreciate perfume, while the men want sports memorabilia.  Try to give gifts that will satisfy a variety of interests and can be appreciated by everyone in general.

7.  Remember that Holiday Gifts are not Incentives
Giving gifts at the holidays will always be a positive boost to company morale, and therefore produce good results in the workplace.   However, it is important to remember that a holiday gift is not an incentive for work or work performance.  Although gifts can be used as an incentive in the correct setting, holiday gifts should always be considered a gifts of appreciation.

Choosing a great company gift is never easy, but with a little thoughtfulness, sincerity, and creativity you can choose a gift that exudes the ultimate in appreciation to your gift recipients!

Give more than a gift this year- Give an Experience!
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