Starting Over again!

I know it’s been a long time (August 2013 actually) since I’ve posted, written, or emailed anything.  There’s been some major changes going on over the past couple of months, and I finally have come to a place where I think things will be stable for a while.  So in the post I’m gonna let you in on a few things that have changed for me and Premier Gift Solutions over the past year! :)

Many of you already know that I’m an elementary school music teacher.  I’ve been teaching music for over 16 years. I love doing it, and more importantly, love the security that the paycheck brings.  However, along with Premier Gift Solutions, my husband and I also have a network marketing business that we build together.  This has served as a great third income for us, and although I don’t feel comfortable enough to retire from it yet, the income from this business has helped us tremendously.

So balancing work, my company, AND the business I’ve been building with my husband became a bit overwhelming.  I didn’t know if I was coming or going!  I found it next to impossible to create my baskets, ship out my business orders, and teach school.  Something had to give.

On top of all that, I decided to open up shop on both Ebay and Etsy to gain more exposure.  Boy did that help!  I became even more overwhelmed!  You know what they say… you get what you pray for!

So needless to say, It had been a very busy year.  Long story short, I couldn’t do it all.  I had to figure out how/when to make my baskets, write a blog, and post on social media.  It just all seemed too much.  I had to take some time, figure out my focus, and then revisit.  This took a couple of months, but here’s what I figured out as a result:

1.   I would only sell pre-made gift baskets. Taking custom orders started to consume my life.  I would have to locate various random items, not to mention my office was becoming overloaded with stuff!  I was running out of space!

Now, what ever is on my website or Ebay is what I offer.  Additionally, I decided to only increase my inventory with seasonal baskets.  Basically, I will offer a few standard baskets year round, and then probably only offer Easter, Mothers Day, and Christmas baskets at select times during the year.  This way I’m not running around town like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to locate items for a custom order basket.

2.  I would sell custom and pre-made decor bows.  In my basket making venture, I started hearing rave reviews about my bows.  I found out that many of my customers kept the bows I made and even reused them on other gifts.  And being the creative person I am, I decided to expand my bow making craft.  I’ve found that I absolutely love making bows for Baby showers, Weddings, and of course, major Holidays.  Etsy has been a great venue for my handmade bows.

PGS Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes: My ribbon work station! :)

3. I will write/blog/post about what ever I feel will help someone else!  I think the main reason why I hadn’t written, emailed, or posted on social media is because I felt I wasn’t helping anyone.  Yes, I understand I have a business, but I didn’t feel right just posting about my products all the time.  I decided that Premier Gift Solutions will be more than a place to find great gifts and bows, but also a place to learn about other fun things… like party’s, cool handmade gifts, or even something cool to cook for dinner at night!   I figured I would write about things that I like and help me have a better life, so they would probably help someone else too!

So that’s about it.  I just wanted to fill you in on the 6 month gap of why I was M.I.A.  What do you think?  How do you like the changes I’ve implemented? (One of them being this website! I redid the whole thing!)  Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.  I will be speaking with you again real soon! :)


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