Make Your Wedding Gift Unforgettable


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Summer is the time for weddings! Oh sure, you have your few individuals that have their nuptials during the fall, but it seems like I attend at least 3 weddings during the summer every year!  As matter of fact, I have a summer anniversary too!

I love weddings.  As cheesy as it sounds, I cry at everyone.  I usually can hold it in most of the time, but if the groom starts to cry I’m done.  Even worse, I always cry at the Daddy Daughter dance.  Something about it just sends me over the edge.  What ends up happening is that by the time I get to the reception, I look a horrible mess!

I have to say, I truly enjoy making wedding baskets. Along with baby baskets, they really are one of my favorites! I really put a lot of thought as to what goes into the basket, making sure that the couple can use everything in there.  I also want the basket to have the whimsical feel and look of a wedding, as I know that the basket will be sitting amongst the many gifts on the gift table, I want this basket to really stand out.

It’s not that I want my gift to be the best, that’s not important.  What’s important is that the basket is a representation of the beautiful union that is about to take place.  Being happily married myself, I just get excited thinking about all of the years the couple will spend growing old together.  The good and the bad… and some of the items in the basket can help create those memories.

Happily Ever After Basket

Happily Ever After Wedding or Anniversary Basket

The Happily Ever After Wedding Gift Basket contains:

Wine Glasses so that the newlyweds can enjoy wine or champagne  their first night as a married couple.

Chocolates and cookies to enjoy their first evening together.

Potpourri, Incense  and candles to create a relaxing romantic mood anytime!

A beautiful picture frame to commemorate their special day.

A book to learn from and grow with each other. The book may be helpful anctedotes or poems, or it may be a book about how to have a healthy happy marriage.   To me, this is one of the most important items in the basket.  It is something the couple can referr to for years to come.

Lastly, The basket contains a special gift card that allows the newlyweds to pick a home appliance to be delivered to their home.  What appliance?  Well, that ‘s the cool part! It’s a booklet, and the couple simply chooses the item that they would need for themselves, enters their mailing address into our secure website, and the appliance of their choice arrives at their doorstep. So the benefit of this basket?  Not only did they get the goodies inside of the basket, but they get an appliance item for their home too!  It really is the perfect gift.

I have given this basket several times for A LOT of weddings.  With all the commotion going on at their wedding, sometimes the bride and groom don’t even see the basket until after their honeymoon!  One things for certain, I have always gotten a phone call from the bride thanking me and telling me how beautiful the basket was.  I know for sure that the gift I gave them was more than just a gift, it was an experience that they will remember for a lifetime.

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